Making way point manually (Android)

Press and hold at the required place and select the “New” menu option followed by “New point”

You may need to select the “Move” option to tweek the point’s position on the map. You do this by dragging one finger well away from the point so you can see what you are doing.

Select “Properties” to rename and enter any other attributes.

Any of these attributes can be set but we are changing Name, Description and Feature colour. All these attributes will transported in a GPX file export.

Colours can be selected either by tapping the colour in “Properties” for any colour or the down arrow to select from previously used colours.

Descriptions can be any length but names should be brief. The changed attributes. (N.B. I haven’t been there so the description may not be true)

The finished map.

From the selected feature menu see other functions. Way points can also be made from some search screens and at the current location when GPS is on.